27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Use Feng Shui to balance your life through the power of elements

In life we often come across situations where we seem to lose complete control over our environment. If there is a job we need, numerous interviews could prove futile or a strong relationship could simply spiral out of control. At times like this, we end up feeling completely helpless and desperately look around for a helping hand to balance out life for us. Little do we realize that a little balance in our immediate environment and surroundings could work wonders for our lives if we only learn to trust the elements. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placing and arranging the space and objects around us to achieve perfect harmony with the environment. A literal translation of Feng Shui means Wind – Water and is a definite indication about the role that the elements play in Feng Shui.

The basic components of Feng Shui that help an individual balance his life are the perfect combination of space, astronomy, weather and geomagnetism. As both an art and a science, Feng Shui is in harmony with the architectural patterns that is used for construction of every house, office and any other structure. Unlike the concept of Vaastu Shashtra where the entire structure may need to demolished and rebuilt to suit the requirements, Feng Shui provides more of rectifying solutions that can be accommodated within the current existing structures. Some have also associated Feng Shui with being a metaphysical art.
Feng Shui has a definite impact on the health, wealth and personal relationships of every individual.

Each direction takes on a special implication under the execution of the Feng shui principles. The directions include North, South, East, West and also the further divisions of North East, South East, North West and South West. Every direction has been a special significance with relation to certain aspects of our lives and accordingly the colors are allotted to the directions. The north is associated with the water element and the colors of this direction under Feng shui are blue and black. The south represents fire and the main colors are red and yellow. The east is symbolic of earth while the west rules over wind. The colors for east would be brown and green while the west consists of white and metallic shades. Feng shui advises the placement of the correct colored object in its right direction to achieve the perfect harmony and balance.

Feng Shui also assigns particular materials to the four directions and it is advisable to place the objects around your space according to this division. Nowadays, magnetic compasses are easily available in the market that helps the individual to determine the correct directions of every house or office premises. A little care and alertness in ensuring the peace and harmony in our immediate environment can actually tip the scale in our favor and get things working favorably for us. The harmony amongst the elements around us helps to bring that effect into all aspects of our lives, helping us manage our health, wealth and personal relationships in an ideal manner.

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