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Feng Shui Tips for achieving all round harmony and success

Feng Shui which is pronounced as Fung Shway is the ancient Chinese art of balancing the elements to achieve peace and harmony in all aspects of our lives in the areas of health, wealth and personal relationships. The four directions of North, South, East and West are the major keys to unlocking the doors of success. Each direction holds a special significance and needs to be accordingly balanced to affect a particular aspect of our lives. The directions have been assigned particular colors that are deemed to increase the positive effects and strength of that particular aspect. The Feng Shui tips if implemented accurately are sure to bring about positive changes in every individual’s life. The tips are segregated to influence the various segments of one’s existence and can be implemented according to the current need of the person.

Every person has a particular birth number which is known as the kua number and it forms the personal reference point for the individuals. The individual’s success direction, health direction, personal relationship direction is all calculated on the basis of this individual kua number and Feng shui tips are accordingly given. Males and females have separate methods of calculating the number. The difference in calculation for the males and females further emphasize the need for balance of energies such as the male and female energy which is known as the Yang and the Yin. Feng Shui tips are all about balance through rectification measures and arrangement of space and objects within a given architectural structure and this involves all the elements, directions and the yin and yang energies.

Some of the most common Feng shui tips involve basic remedies for home and office harmony and success. The use of the universally popular laughing Buddha is a common Feng Shui tip that is also unknowingly followed by many individuals. Placement of the laughing Buddha facing the entrance door to the room is one of the powerful Feng shui tips that invite positive energy into the home or office space. Some other common Feng shui tips recommend the use of plants in the eastern direction to increase financial security, avoiding mirrors in bedrooms for harmony in relationships and use of water in the northern direction to activate career luck. However if Feng shui tips are wrongly implemented by novices it could have serious counter effects and create havoc in one’s life.

It is therefore always advisable to seek the advice and counsel of a professional Feng Shui advisor for accurate Feng Shui tips for any aspect of your life. The professional will make a personal visit to the space where you need to implement the Feng Shui guidelines and accordingly chart out a list of objects that may need to be acquired or suggest the changes that are to be made in your current settings around the home or office. The accurate implementation of Feng Shui tips can ensure that you have the control of your life and can influence events to work out in your favor.

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