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Astrological Analysis Of Present Situation Of India Nation With Ongoing Nuclear Deal With Us

In 1980, Russian Scientist by the name of Chijevsky discovered that enormous explosions takes place in the Sun and every 11 years a nuclear explosion occur in this planet. This in turn sporadic to be happening from the earth. On this, I will not go in detail but analyse briefly the present situation and my analysis.

The analysis is based on the country’s natal chart, transit of planets and the horoscopes of Shrimati Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh. The approach would be from Bhrigu Nadi system. My analysis are based on my study and depict the trend and conclusion based on the vector of various complex parameters.

Birth Chart of India Nation

India Independent - Fri Aug 15, 1947 00:00:00
Time zone : 05:30:00
Place of Birth : Delhi, India
Long : 77E28:00 Lat: 28N39:00


Presently, Saturn is in Leo which is the 4th house in the India Independence Chart. The 4th house depicts Crown. Saturn is in conjunct with Ketu. This combination has been analyzed and it does depict changes and controversies. The Indian Government is facing the same. Sun has entered in Leo on 18th August and will be there till 17th September. The depositor of transiting Saturn, Sun, Dragon Tail (Ketu) and Mercury in the 4th house is Sun which is placed in the 12th house with Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

Since the depositor is week, it will not be able to give the desired results and thus there will be no fall in the government. As in mathematics, two negatives make a positive, my view and experiences in this case though there are combination, which would create disturbances but since the Lord of the transiting negative planet is not strong, it will not be able to give desired result of the government falling.

Till 17th September, i.e. till the time when Sun is in Leo, the government will take a strong position and move forward with its plans. When Moon is transiting Capricorn i.e. from 27th August to 2007 to 30th August 2007, the opposition may make strong statements against the policies of the government but it will not yield any result.

Sun in Virgo from 18th September to 15th October, 2007, will in fact be a period of consolidation and preparation by the government. This period will be critical and there will a lot of talks, negotiations and discussions but will not lead to collapse of the government.

In my view, Jupiter enters Sagittarius on 22nd November 2007. This again will be a period of tensions and ups and downs for the government but yet again as its depositor Jupiter is placed in the 11th house in the Nation’s Chart, it will not bring a downfall. General Elections, however, would be possible in the month of September 2008 which would be perhaps the time for it.

Nevertheless, the period between 17.8.2007 to 17.9.2007 and later in the month of November 2007, I feel that the combinations of Saturn, Ketu and transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius will lead to a negation in the international policy especially ongoing nuclear deal with US, and a lot of work to normalize the issues and loss of dignity arrived there from.

Birth Chart of Shrimati Sonia Gandhi

Date and Time of Birth : Mon Dec 9, 1946 21:15:00
Time zone : 01:00:00
Place of Birth : Luciana in ITALY
Long : 11E08:00 Lat: 44NO4:00

The horoscope of Shrimati Sonia Gandhi shows that she will remain in power for the above mentioned periods.

Birth Chart of Dr. Manmohan Singh

Date and Time of Birth: Monday, September 26, 1932 14:00 hrs
Time zone : 82.30.0 East
Place of Birth : Jhelum (Pakistan)
Long : 73.39.0 East Lat: 32.55.0 North

In the case of the horoscope of Dr. Manmohan Singh, though he may have to do a lot of efforts, but I do not foresee a downfall.

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