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Astrology Reading – Learn Basics of Astrology – Part I

t has been established over the ages that the planets, right up there in the solar system have a formidable influence on human life. The thinking and behavior patterns of human beings, and that the turn of events in his/her life is largely shaped by the stars in our galaxy.

The Sun and the planets have the greatest and most immediate influence on the Earth's atmosphere and environment because the Earth is a part of the solar system.
Astrology is a combination of Science and Metaphysics. To make a map and erect a horoscope from the birth particulars is a scientific process requiring considerable expertise, skill and application.

The Zodiac consists of 360 degrees of an arc which is divided into 27 Constellations. We have also to judge the goods or evil relations of the planets with the constellations and their Lords. These Constellation Divisions come in handy while analyzing the results of transits of planets through these constellations. But the entire calculation is carried out on the basis of scientific principles and time tested theories


Time Limit

A day -----------------------------24 hours
An hour ---------------------------60 minutes
A minute --------------------------60 seconds
1 day ----------------------------- 86,400 seconds

The Timetable

A day ----------------------------- 60 ghatikas
A ghatika --------------------------60 viliptas
A lipta ------------------------------60 viliptas
A lipta ----------------------------- 60 para
A para-------------------------------60 tatparas
i.e. 1 day ---------------------------46,656,000,000 tatparas.

The Solar year has twelve months called:


These months are calculated according to the entry of the Sun into each Sign from Aries

To be continued…

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