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Astrology, Marriage and Compatibility

"Marriages are made in heaven", is a well-known saying. So too can be said,"Divorces happen in hell". The fabric of Indian society weaves itself strongly around the well-established and time-tested institution of marriage built upon a well-thought of procedure and societal sanction. It is as rigorous as any ISO certification. "Once married, married for life", is the slogan or motto of Indian society. It is very strongly believed and rightly so, that marriage between a man and a woman approved by law,is not just a civil and social contract between two people but is also a union of two different families and their harmonious relationship into the future.

The starting point before a boy's family 'sees' a girl of similar status for mutual agreeability to the marriage proposal is the involvement of an astrologer for judging the astrological 'matching' or compatibility of horoscopes. In the so-called 'love marriages', this aspect is of no significance andhence, only a suitable 'muhurta' as per electional astrology is fixed (if required) for the marriage ceremony performance. That the ancient Hindus had devised a method to judge the marriage compatibility of the bride and bridegroom in all aspects - physical, mental, spiritual and biological - speaks immensely of their foresight, insights and skills in social architecture.

As soon as a 'middleperson' brings up a likely 'match', the families refer the horoscopes of the boy and the girl to their astrologers for their astrological examination with regard to compatibility, commonly known as 'matching'. There are three main factors to be considered:

1. The longevity of the boy and the girl2. The strength of the 7th and the 8th houses.3. Agreeability of 12 factors or 'Koota Milan'

The seventh house in a horoscope pertains to one's partner. If Venus and Mars are in the 7th, the boy or the girl will have strong biological urges and so, such a person should be married to a similar one for compatibility. Judgement of longevity requires expertise and novices should not even attempt it. Once the minimum requirement of agreeability is achieved, the astrologer gives the go-ahead to the family, otherwise, he suggests skipping the proposal.

In 'Koota Milan', twelve (12) factors of matching are considered. The sixteen 'Kootas' are Dina, Gana, Mahendra, Stree-Deergha, Varna, Vasya, Graha-Maitri, Yoni, Rasi, Rajju, Vedha, and Nadi. Of them, the most important are Yoni, Rajju and Nadi. The maximum 'marks' or units of agreement are 36 (thirty-six) and a minimum of 18 (eighteen) are considered essential apart from the satisfactory matching of Yoni (sex), Rajju (duration of married life) and Nadi (physiological temperament). For the matching process, only the birth stars of the boy and the girl are needed. There are 27 (twenty-seven) 'nakshatras' or constellations in Indian astrology, not counting 'Abhijit'. Each 'nakshatra' is sub-divided into four 'padas' or quarters. The constellation in which the moon happens to reside at a given moment is the ruling star of the moment. The one at the time of birth is the birth star. Some astrologers attach greater importance to 'Graha-Maitri' or friendship between the lords of the 'Janma Rasis' (sign of the moon in the horoscopes) since this determines the psychological dispositions of the couple. Someexceptions are also provided as otherwise marriages would not take place at all!

What happens if the 'Janma Rasis' and/or the 'Janma Nakshatras' of the couple are the same ? The commonly accepted verdict of the ancient Indian astrologers and sages, in case the 'Janma Rasis' are same, is that the boy's birth star should precede the girl's. In case the 'Janma Nakshatras' of the couple happen to be the same, they should belong to different 'Padas' (quarters). It is essential to avoid the match if the common star is one among Bharani, Aslesha, Swati, Jyesta, Moola, Dhanista, Satabhisha or Poorvabhadra. If, however, the common birth star relates to two different 'rasis' (signs), and the 'Pada' of the girl relates to the preceding sign, it is acceptable. In case, the common birth star belongs to two signs equally (Mrigasira, Chitta etc.), the 'Pada' of the boy should relate to the preceding sign. Some more exceptions have been laid down to make allowances for matching if there is a strong demand for the alliance. However, the honest and sincere astrologer should put forth his objections without any bias.

'Kuja Dosham' or 'Mangalik' is one major obstacle to marriages in India. This arises due to certain placements of Mars ('kuja' or 'mangal' or 'angaraka') in a horoscope with respect to the Ascendent, the Moon, and Venus. Certainly, this 'dosh' or evil is dreaded by any father, particularly, of a girl! Mars in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or the 12th house causes this incompatibility. There are two flaws committed by most astrologers. One is to reckon the position of Mars in the 'Rasi' (sign) and not the 'Bhava' (house) while the other is to ignore to ascertain whether this 'dosh' exists from the Moon and Venus. The evil is stronger if it is from Venus, less stronger from the Moon, and least from the 'Lagna' (Ascendent).Further, not every position of the above-mentioned five placements will endanger the life of the spouse. The 2nd house signifies family, the 4th happiness, the 7th spouse, the 8th longevity, and the 12th pleasures of the bed. 'Kuja Dosh' gets annulled if it is present in both the horoscopes. There are several other exceptions which have to be carefully considered before declaring incompatibility of the horoscopes.

The Western astrologer can greatly benefit from a deeper understanding and application of the methods of compatibility adopted by his Indian counter-part and save the great number of disastrous marriages in the West which has an inerasable effect on the unfortunate off-springs of such marriages.Of course, the new Indian generation has started emulating the undesirable pre-mature practices of the West. They will do good to themselves and the nation if they try to fathom the time-tested value system of India and avoid the pitfalls of the Western society.

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Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards have been around for ages, and yet they are still being confused for some a kind of portal a communication devise that alows us to speak to our passed loved ones or spirits we don’t want anything to do with.

And this is what they are mostly remembered by, As something that's associated with the devil.

How did this happen? It's a board game patented by the parker bros.

Yes a board game just like monopoly, scrabble, and the many other board games that exist only to entertain us for amusement only.

The reputation of ouija boads is seen by most as a discusting one (just like mentioned above) as if it was associated with the devil some how or the dark part of the spiritual world.

In my opinion (Paul Archer) this is something Parker Bros created for a publicity stunt to create attention and gain massive attention in order to get the most from sales. Yes it was all about money.

From all the history and the stories shown it seems to all be circumstantial evidence here say. I'm sure that we have all hered some kind of upsetting and scary stories about the ouija board.

There is very popular storie that's still around to this day, who knows when it actually orginated. And just like anything else, when people that don’t understand something they automatically toss the facts out the window and begin assumption. As if they were still in year 12 B.C. and the planet is still flat.

The storie is something that's crazy to even listen two but someone made it up and people believe it "If you Buy A Ouija Board You Cant Ever Get Rid Of It".

The ouija will follow you around no matter what you do with it, Try and throw it away , give it away, lose it, break it some how, it always keeps coming back.

Now imagine that, sounds like something right out of the Twilight Zone.

And it captures your attention, Like I said a publicity stunt. And it worked.

Ouija Board do you want one?

Astrology – What’s it all about

According to Hindu mythology, the knowledge of Astrology, Yoga and various other ancient skills was handed down by the Gods to the Sages of the time.

The basis of astrology is that the behaviour of man is affected by the planets, i.e. the Sun, Moon, Mercury Mars etc, and when a person is born, the position of the planets at the time of birth has fundamental impact on the person’s life.

The key to astrology is the astrological chart or the horoscope. Each person has their own chart based on the time and location of their birth.

Even a difference of 5 minutes can result in different charts, and also people born at the same time but in different countries can have different charts.

It is the astrological chart that is used for making predictions about a person. The chart consists of 12 houses, each representing an area of life, for example the 10th house represents a person’s career. Hence predictions can be made about different areas of a person’s life like career, marriage, windfalls, health etc by inspecting the planets within each of the corresponding houses on the chart.

Now you may be asking how the predictions can be made. Well as mentioned earlier, it all depends on how the planets were positioned when you were born. Based on the positioning, different planets will exist in different houses causing different effects which could either be good or bad for the house in question. So for instance you could have the Sun and Mars placed in your 10th house which is your career house. This positioning could mean that you will have a high flying career or it could mean that you will have a really bad career. Also because the planets are constantly moving in and out of the houses, your career could go through highs and lows in your lifetime. Similarly the positioning of the planets in all the other houses will influence other areas of your life.

Now the actual interpretation of the astrological chart varies, i.e. if a planet is in a certain house at a certain time, different people may give different interpretations, for instance one person may say something is bad and someone else may say the same thing is really bad. But you have to bear in mind that astrology is not an exact science, and astrological interpretation should be taken more as probability guide rather than as a surety. For example if you have good planet positioning in your 10th house then there is a probability that you will have a good career, not a surety.

Now you may think that the above is all a pile of cobblers, and that there is no value in astrology. But think again. The basis of astrology is how planets affect you. Now the planets affect the tides, and a human being is made up of a lot of water which could be influenced by the planets in the same way that the tides are.

Hence the planets could be affecting a persons personality (mood and behaviour) causing the person to respond in certain ways and hence influencing the outcomes of various events. Again remember, it is not being said that astrology is giving you a precise prediction for the future, but that astrology is providing possibilities for future outcomes, depending on a person’s behaviour which could be influenced by the position of the planets.

Ending on another interesting point, a person born in a particular month may not be the star sign that they think they should be according to general media. For example some one born on the 30th March who according to common understanding should be an Aries, may actually not be an Aries. Again depending on the astrological chart, they may be classified as some other star sign, maybe a Leo or Gemini or some other sign. So you may actually not be the star sign you think you are.

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Can a comic book hero explain Retrograde Mercury?

To begin with, let's set the record stright: Mercury is not the only planet to go retrograde. We hear about it a lot because it happens 3 times a year, but actually every planet and asteroid except for the Sun and Moon go retrograde at one time or the other. It is actually rare for there to be a time when we aren't experiencing some retrograde or the other. Every planet from Mercury which is closest to the Sun all the way out to Pluto and Ceres at the outer edge of our solar system goes retrograde. And so do all the Astroids, like Chiron, Vesta, Sedna, Pallas and Juno.

We can better understand retrograde Mercury by taking a favorite comic book character as an example - let's say Zorro with a capital Z. When the planets change directions (and they all do) they make a kind of "moonwalk" in the sky as they appear to zig backwards in their orbit.

These Mercury Retrogrades (and Mars, Venus, Pluto, Chiron or Jupiter Retrogrades). Are zig-zags that the planets make in the sky and they take various amounts of time. A retrograde of Mercury takes 3 weeks, but larger planets like Pluto or Saturn spend up to 6 months or longer in retrograde motion. But just looking at retrograde is to overlook some of the most important elements of the retrograde cycle. That's a lot like eating the frosting and ignoring the cake. Since we want to have our cake and eat it too - we need to understand the whole picture. The picture that retrograde makes starts weeks or months before the retrograde begins, and ends the same amount of time AFTER the retrograde ends. It is a three part process.

The three distinct parts of a mercury retrograde, or other planetary retrograde cycle each have a different character and meaning. Taking one without the others means missing some of the most important pieces of the puzzle. These three phases are 1) the pre-retrograde phase - called Entering the Shadow 2) the Retrograde Phase and 3) the post-retrograde phase - called Exiting the Shadow. Part one is like when Zorro draws the first part of his signature Z. It begins when the planet hits the degree it will return to at the very end of Retrograde. During the Retrograde time the planet appears to move backwards - all the way to the same degree where it began. This resembles the second / slash that Zorro draws with his blade when making his signature as it returns to the same level that the Z began at. Finally the planet changes directions again and makes it's final pass across the same degrees that it has crossed twice already - first when entering the shadow, then in retrograde, and now finally as it is exiting the shadow. And this resembles Zorro's final sword stroke as he finishes off the last flourish of the Z and moves on to new things.

To illustrate what happens during a Mercury Retrograde cycle, just imagine that our Hero Zorro is out and about, doing what he does when he spies a problem. He quickly get's into his "superhero" outfit. We can think of this preparation time as entering the Shadow. Then he runs off and fights the bad guys. We can think of this time as Retrograde, because he has come back to a situation in order to fix it. Finally he turns the bad guys over to the authorities and gets back into his street clothes; which we can compare to the phase of leaving the shadow. Job well done! And he moves on to other things.

By understanding this deceptively simple concept we can see how to make use of any mercury retrograde, or retrograde of Saturn, Mars, Venus, Pluto and even the Astroids. At least we begin to understand how to use the "foreshadowing" period to gain insight as to what we will be reviewing and making changes to during the actual retrograde. This allows us to prepare for what may be coming. Each planet has it's own domain however and they all mean different things. To learn how to make use of the current Mercury Retrograde (or other retrograde planet) cycle visit: http://www.astrologychick.com/RxMercury.shtml

Horoscope Reading

We all want to find out what planet guides our sign and how astrologers interpret relations of planetary forces at the time of our birth.

Horoscope is a powerful tool offering insight into deep influence on our lives and there are many people depending entirely on it to take decisions. It is in the human nature to be curious about ourselves and there are many people considering the horoscope as the answer to their questions.

The zodiac has also a lot to teach us about our path in this life. The horoscope is much more than the daily prediction. It is a complicated process of analyzing various signs, discovering their compatibility and qualities.

There are many types of horoscopes and every one of them is trying to offer us specialized predictions.

Today the most popular methods of Astrology use twelve Signs and houses, using the Tropical Geocentric Zodiac (Earth centered). There are many variations available. One may use Heliocentric (Sun centered) astrology, or use the Sidereal Zodiac (which takes into account the precession of the Equinox). There are many popular houses systems in use today as well.

Most astrologers today tend to believe that the heavenly bodies do not reach down and push us about. Rather, the planets, luminaries, and stars "mimic" Earthly events. Synchronistic in nature, they correlate instead of dictate. This hands one's fate back to the individual, to augment or squander as one sees fit. The slight comfort of Fate has been replaced by responsibility for one's actions.

A horoscope is simply a chart of the heavens calculated by the rules of astronomy. It shows positions of the planets and zodiacal signs in relation to the earth. The Earth and planets revolve around the sun at varying rates and their positions relative to the Earth and to one another are constantly changing. Every moment the heavens are different. If a child were born now, while you are reading this, the positions of the planets at this moment will not be duplicated for about twenty-six thousand years, a period that the astronomers call a "Great Sidereal Year". In the meantime, the relations of the planets would undergo an infinite number of kaleidoscopic changes; consequently, their influence would be different with respect to every individual born in the interval.

It is further evident, however, that time is not the same the world over. When the Sun rises at the place where you live, it is setting at another place. When it is morning in your home, it is evening for the people in another part of the world. This makes another difference in the horoscopes of children born at the same moment but in different parts of the world, as you will readily understand when you consider that the Sun's rays affect the Earth differently in the morning, at noon, and at midnight.

The planets' places and influence would also differ in the case of children born at the same time but in opposite parts of the world. If a planet were just above the birthplace of one, its rays would impinge upon that child with unimpeded force. To reach the other, born in an opposite part, it would be necessary for the stellar ray to travel directly through the Earth and part of its force would be spent by the time it reached the child. Therefore, planets under the Earth have less influence on a life than those above. Thus you see that time and place are the basic factors in a horoscope. The more accurately we are able to determine them, the better we shall be able to delineate the character and predict.

In noting the time of birth of children, it is advisable to have the clock set as accurately as possible. Mark that the time of birth in the astrological sense is not the moment of delivery but the instant when the infant gives its first cry, for that cry is the completion of its initial breath.

Today, people enjoy the fast Internet connection and use the World Wide Web to read and interpret their horoscope. The Internet is ready to provide amazing details about each sign and all you have to do is to find a good website. If you are reading your horoscope and trying to entangle the secrets of astrology, you are at the right place.

If you are interested in the astrology, calculating, and interpreting your horoscope then our astropractice.com is perfect for you. Calculate your horoscope and read our interpretation. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Tea with Tasseomancy Please

There's lots of Japanese citizens that live to be 100 years old on a diet of rice, fish and green tea. In that country, spiritually healthy people enjoy reading the leaf patterns left behind in their green tea cups. The powerful new mind and body health combination has become a unique social ritual for the more enlightened business executives in downtown Toronto.

In Toronto, urban professionals sometimes meet for lunch (at trendy restaurants on Queen St W) where they dine and enjoy the health benefits of drinking exotic green teas. Inside at least two different boutique hotel cafes in the area, each cup of green tea now includes a complimentary tea leaf reading by a professional Tasseographer – an expert trained in the divination of such patterns as found in tea leaves, coffee grounds, and wine sediments.

Tasseomancy goes high tech in Toronto
The very best Chinese restaurants in Toronto now use digital projectors to display the bottom of each teacup on a projection screen for the whole dining room to see – specially trained tasseographers discuss the symbols present in the residue.

The Ritual
My friends don’t bother the professionals; we drink green tea and then read each others tea leaves in cozy tea rooms on Queen Street West. People I’ve connected with online that happen to live in my area, have now formed a club. We meet once a month to chat about ourselves, religion and politics. One by one we pass our teacups around the table and everyone speaks aloud what shapes and images they discern inside.

Reading tea leaves
Reading tea leaves is a bit like interpreting a Rorschach Inkblot Test - everyone gets something different out of the shapes they perceive. And if you follow these basic guidelines you'll find insight on how those specially trained tasseographers do a tea-leaf readings – and you can do it all yourself.

Use big cups with loose leaves
Of course there must be loose tea leaves in the pot. Do not strain away these loose leaves as you pour your tea into a white, broad-rimmed cup.

Drinking the tea is part of the ritual
Focus on your life as you drink the tea – think about and discuss the problems you are facing, and the dreams you want fulfilled. Focus on the questions you want answered. Leave a little bit of fluid in the bottom.

The clockwise swirl
Swirl the cup three times clockwise as you repeat a secret wish then turn the cup upside down onto a saucer. If there is too much fluid you may need to strain it with a napkin first so that the tea leaves don't wash away.

Three is a magic number
Tasseographers find special significance in the number three. Some manuals advise practitioners stand up and turn their bodies slowly in three circles, while others are content to have their subjects simply pass their hand three times over the cup, and the most modern texts advise merely counting to three aloud.

Dump the cup, slowly
Try to remain especially contemplative when you pour the remaining green tea from your teacup into the saucer. Remember to pour slowly so that most of the tea leaves remain in your cup. Leave your cup turned upside down on the saucer. After a minimum of three breaths, you may turn over your cup. The remaining liquid will have drained from your cup, leaving a leaf pattern behind. Give the leaves a couple of minutes to dry, and you are ready to do your reading. Turn the cup over and have a look at the patterns from all angles of the cup.

The symbols in the cup
If your vessel has a handle, read clockwise from the handle. If you vessel does not have a handle, read clockwise from 12 o'clock. The first pattern you see is the symbol representing your dominant character, quality, state of mind or question. Jot down your observations on a piece of paper. Look for simple images first, such as shapes, letters or numbers. Triangles, for example, represent good karma, squares raise the need for caution and circles are the harbinger of great success.

The very bottom of the cup shows one year in the future
It’s traditional to read a cup from the present to the future by starting along the rim at the handle of the cup and following the symbols downward in a spiral manner, until the bottom is reached, which symbolizes the distant future.

Where there are no leaves there are also shapes
The leaves make shapes, and where there are no tea leaves there are also sometimes white shapes bordered by tea leaves – these images are ethereal. They are depictions of emotional events and never concrete objects. The images here speak to each subject’s karma and destiny.

What do the symbols mean?
Once you've discerned the simple images, let your creativity take over and apply names to other clumps of leaves. You might see a giant fish hook (or is that an anchor?), you might see an airplane (or is it a butterfly?), a kite (or a coffin?). You must listen to your intuition to glean what the object really means to you in your life.

Good signs
Some good omens include an airplane (a journey), an acorn (financial success), an anchor (stability), and an angel (good news) or an apple (prosperity and or fertility). A dog is a good omen – any wild creature except serpents or lizards are considered good omens. Seeing birds means enlightenment, and finding wild deer in your tea leaves signifies a chance event or a wild encounter is forthcoming.

Bad Omens
Bad omens include ants (tedious work), a down-turned arrow (bad news), or a dagger (back-stabbing). Obviously spotting a coffin in your tea leaves is not a good omen, and neither is a cross of any kind. The Tower is bad. Generally speaking any hard angles usually lead to symbols with more profound consequences.

Where are the symbols inside the cup?
As discussed earlier, the position of the deposits in the cup represents the time line of events. The closer the symbols are to the rim of the cup, the sooner the episode is likely to happen. Anything found on the very bottom of the teacup will occur next year. Objects on the left of the handle might even represent a past occurrence.

Does this ritual work?
Tasseography works on two levels. Discussing stressful elements of your life either publicly or privately is a very healthy activity for the mind and body. It’s the reason we have friends. But what’s more, the leaf patterns in the teacup provide an interesting perspective upon which to examine your life. Symbols present in the residue might trigger a new thought or action that would have been inconceivable before experiencing the ritual. Your body is filled with spiritual energy; tea leaves are your soul’s fingerprints.

The Influences of Astrology

Taking much of the nation by shock, and causing a vast number of adverse reactions, was when it became publicly-known that then-president Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy not only regularly consulted an astrologer, but based various important decisions on astrology. Some of these decisions included Reagan's probability in the 1976 presidential election, and his eventual selection of George Bush as his vice-president. While governor of California, Ronald Reagan signed into law a new chapter and component of the government code, which granted astrologers the right to practice astrology for compensation. Even more remarkable was learning that a number of prior presidents had also followed this practice as well as such renowned world-leaders as Winston Churchill.

Celebrities are also known to believe in and follow the paths of astrology when deciding the walkway of their careers...regularly being quite candid about their beliefs. David Cover dale, of the celebrated group White snake, has commented that he and his little woman rigorously follow astrology; actor Robert Downey, Jr., and singer Britney Spears are also amongst those who consult astrologers on a routine basis. J.K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter books series, liberally sprinkles astrological symbolism in her material. "Astrologers to the stars" sometimes become as much in the spotlight of the public eye as the stars who consult with them.

If world-honored politicians and stars in the entertainment industry have been placing so much esteem on the topic of astrology, is it any wonder that innumerable average Americans are doing similarly? A recent Harris Poll has concluded that at least thirty-one percent of Americans maintain some degree of confidence in astrology...nearly half of these being in the twenty-five to twenty-nine-year old age group, with the belief in this practice falling to fourteen percent for those above sixty-five years of age.

The highest percentages of American adults who believe in astrology as being a legitimate and significant influence in one's life are women, democrats, and those who possess a high school or less education-- yet even Benjamin Franklin professed and wrote about his own individual dependence in astrology, which illustrates that this subject is by no means restricted to any certain categories of individuals. Its popularity is most undoubtedly not new, as it has long been embraced by sufficiently-known, respected men and women in all fields.

Astrology is described as studying the celestial bodies in relation to their influence on natural events and human experiences. It is called pseudoscience, proven science, superstition, anti-Christian, and a host of other descriptions based primarily on individual viewpoints on the subject. But for celebrities, politicians, world leaders, and a large segment of the population of average citizens alike, it is frequently a very strong influencing factor in people's lives.

Astrological Analysis Of Present Situation Of India Nation With Ongoing Nuclear Deal With Us

In 1980, Russian Scientist by the name of Chijevsky discovered that enormous explosions takes place in the Sun and every 11 years a nuclear explosion occur in this planet. This in turn sporadic to be happening from the earth. On this, I will not go in detail but analyse briefly the present situation and my analysis.

The analysis is based on the country’s natal chart, transit of planets and the horoscopes of Shrimati Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh. The approach would be from Bhrigu Nadi system. My analysis are based on my study and depict the trend and conclusion based on the vector of various complex parameters.

Birth Chart of India Nation

India Independent - Fri Aug 15, 1947 00:00:00
Time zone : 05:30:00
Place of Birth : Delhi, India
Long : 77E28:00 Lat: 28N39:00


Presently, Saturn is in Leo which is the 4th house in the India Independence Chart. The 4th house depicts Crown. Saturn is in conjunct with Ketu. This combination has been analyzed and it does depict changes and controversies. The Indian Government is facing the same. Sun has entered in Leo on 18th August and will be there till 17th September. The depositor of transiting Saturn, Sun, Dragon Tail (Ketu) and Mercury in the 4th house is Sun which is placed in the 12th house with Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

Since the depositor is week, it will not be able to give the desired results and thus there will be no fall in the government. As in mathematics, two negatives make a positive, my view and experiences in this case though there are combination, which would create disturbances but since the Lord of the transiting negative planet is not strong, it will not be able to give desired result of the government falling.

Till 17th September, i.e. till the time when Sun is in Leo, the government will take a strong position and move forward with its plans. When Moon is transiting Capricorn i.e. from 27th August to 2007 to 30th August 2007, the opposition may make strong statements against the policies of the government but it will not yield any result.

Sun in Virgo from 18th September to 15th October, 2007, will in fact be a period of consolidation and preparation by the government. This period will be critical and there will a lot of talks, negotiations and discussions but will not lead to collapse of the government.

In my view, Jupiter enters Sagittarius on 22nd November 2007. This again will be a period of tensions and ups and downs for the government but yet again as its depositor Jupiter is placed in the 11th house in the Nation’s Chart, it will not bring a downfall. General Elections, however, would be possible in the month of September 2008 which would be perhaps the time for it.

Nevertheless, the period between 17.8.2007 to 17.9.2007 and later in the month of November 2007, I feel that the combinations of Saturn, Ketu and transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius will lead to a negation in the international policy especially ongoing nuclear deal with US, and a lot of work to normalize the issues and loss of dignity arrived there from.

Birth Chart of Shrimati Sonia Gandhi

Date and Time of Birth : Mon Dec 9, 1946 21:15:00
Time zone : 01:00:00
Place of Birth : Luciana in ITALY
Long : 11E08:00 Lat: 44NO4:00

The horoscope of Shrimati Sonia Gandhi shows that she will remain in power for the above mentioned periods.

Birth Chart of Dr. Manmohan Singh

Date and Time of Birth: Monday, September 26, 1932 14:00 hrs
Time zone : 82.30.0 East
Place of Birth : Jhelum (Pakistan)
Long : 73.39.0 East Lat: 32.55.0 North

In the case of the horoscope of Dr. Manmohan Singh, though he may have to do a lot of efforts, but I do not foresee a downfall.

Indian Astrology - Significance of twelve houses

There are twelve houses in jyotish. We call it twelve bhavas. Each bhava has its significance. It represents some part of the native. We will discuss each house or bhava one by one.

Pratham Bhava(First house):
First house is called lagna or ascedent. It represent the native itself, its color, beauty, structure,mental and physical state etc. The planet in this house affects the native most.

Dwitiya Bhava(Second house):
Second house is also called dhan bhava as it represents the financial state of the native. whether native will be rich or poor. It also represents how the native will be brought up.

Tritiya Bhava(Third House):
This house is also called sahaj bhava. It represents brothers and sisters of native their cooperation. how many coborns the native will have. It also represents the relations between coborns and relatives.

Chaturth Bhava(Fourth House):
It is also called matra bhava. It represents the mother of native. It also represents comforts of the native. The plants placed in this house determine the comforts.

Pancham Bhava(Fifth house):
It also called putra bhava. It represents the children. How many children the native will have and when. all this is determined from fifth house. It also represents native's education, love life and their relation with parents after marriage.

Shashth Bhava(Sixth house):
This house is also called the ripu bhava or enemy house as it represents the enemies. It shows whether he will have enemies or not if yes then how many. It also represents maternal uncle. This house also shows the path of life to the native.

Saptam Bhava(Seventh house):
It also called jeevan saathi bhave as it represents life partner. The planets in this house determine the married life of the native. It is also an important house as it is the responsible for the future development of the native.

Astam Bhava(Eighth house):
It is also called the mritu bhava. This house also represents the inventions and expeditions. Buried money. building house, death, pleasure hunt, all is represented by this house.

Navam Bhava(Ninth house):
This house represents the fate of the native. It also makes one bent towards religion. It makes native analyse their good work and bad work.

Dasham Bhava(Tenth House):
This house represents the profession of the native. It determines what profession native will have and when he will start earning etc. It also called karma bhava.

Ekadash Bhava(Eleventh House):
It is also called laabh house as no planet in this house put bad effect on native. It determines how much friends the native will have.

Dwadash Bhava(Twelfth House):
It is also called the vyaya bhava or moksha bhava. It represents how the native will have expenses. It also shows the nature of death the native will have. Past, present and future birth is determined with this house.

Feng Shui Tips for achieving all round harmony and success

Feng Shui which is pronounced as Fung Shway is the ancient Chinese art of balancing the elements to achieve peace and harmony in all aspects of our lives in the areas of health, wealth and personal relationships. The four directions of North, South, East and West are the major keys to unlocking the doors of success. Each direction holds a special significance and needs to be accordingly balanced to affect a particular aspect of our lives. The directions have been assigned particular colors that are deemed to increase the positive effects and strength of that particular aspect. The Feng Shui tips if implemented accurately are sure to bring about positive changes in every individual’s life. The tips are segregated to influence the various segments of one’s existence and can be implemented according to the current need of the person.

Every person has a particular birth number which is known as the kua number and it forms the personal reference point for the individuals. The individual’s success direction, health direction, personal relationship direction is all calculated on the basis of this individual kua number and Feng shui tips are accordingly given. Males and females have separate methods of calculating the number. The difference in calculation for the males and females further emphasize the need for balance of energies such as the male and female energy which is known as the Yang and the Yin. Feng Shui tips are all about balance through rectification measures and arrangement of space and objects within a given architectural structure and this involves all the elements, directions and the yin and yang energies.

Some of the most common Feng shui tips involve basic remedies for home and office harmony and success. The use of the universally popular laughing Buddha is a common Feng Shui tip that is also unknowingly followed by many individuals. Placement of the laughing Buddha facing the entrance door to the room is one of the powerful Feng shui tips that invite positive energy into the home or office space. Some other common Feng shui tips recommend the use of plants in the eastern direction to increase financial security, avoiding mirrors in bedrooms for harmony in relationships and use of water in the northern direction to activate career luck. However if Feng shui tips are wrongly implemented by novices it could have serious counter effects and create havoc in one’s life.

It is therefore always advisable to seek the advice and counsel of a professional Feng Shui advisor for accurate Feng Shui tips for any aspect of your life. The professional will make a personal visit to the space where you need to implement the Feng Shui guidelines and accordingly chart out a list of objects that may need to be acquired or suggest the changes that are to be made in your current settings around the home or office. The accurate implementation of Feng Shui tips can ensure that you have the control of your life and can influence events to work out in your favor.

Feng Shui love guidance can bring unexpected happiness in your life

All of us are looking for love and companionship and none of us would like to be left alone in this world. Love is a strange thing and it can sweep us off our feet when we are least expecting it to strike. Concepts like love at first sight and love growing over the years are very real if you listen to the personal experiences of most people. However there are times when we feel certain emptiness in our lives when there is a lack of love or a loved one. It could be in a romantic context or could indicate a general lack of love in any of our personal relationships with family and friends. Feng shui love tips can help every individual overcome this problem only if we are ready to give ourselves that precious chance of attracting love into our lives.

Feng Shui is a potent tool when it comes to attracting positive energy and dispensing negativity and like all aspects of our lives; personal relationships are also based on these energies. Feng Shui tips suggest certain methods to balance the yin and Yang energies that will ensure the arrival of love in our lives and bring harmony in our existing relationships. The southwest corner of our homes is the most potent for activating positive vibes and energies in connection with the relationships that we form. Crystals are powerful Feng shui love tools that can enhance the happiness quotient in any individual’s life. A transparent crystal or pink quartz in the southwest corner can attract and activate positive love relations, be it within family members or for any individual in particular.

Feng Shui love principles also suggest the enhanced use of an individual’s specific relationship direction that is calculated on the basis of their personal kua number which again is calculated on the basis of the person’s birth date. A pair of mandarin ducks is also popular tools for enhancing Feng shui love luck and should be kept in a person’s bedroom. Feng Shui suggestions for a strong love relationship also suggest methods to eliminate negativity from a relationship. It should be always kept in mind that a couple should never sleep on separate mattresses as this symbolically creates rift between the couple. Feng Shui love tips encourage the use of peony flowers to activate the marriage love for singles those who are eager to settle down in life.

Any Feng shui love tip and suggestion should be ideally implemented after seeking advice from a feng shui consultant who ahs the necessary expertise in this field of practice. This is crucial because a wrongly implemented Feng Shui love tip could create havoc in a relationship and may even force the concerned people to grow apart. As for example the use of peonies is strongly recommended for singles but for a married couple it could be the possible cause for infidelity. The perfect balance and harmony of the elements surrounding us can be achieved with the judicious application and implementation of Feng Shui.

Use Feng Shui to balance your life through the power of elements

In life we often come across situations where we seem to lose complete control over our environment. If there is a job we need, numerous interviews could prove futile or a strong relationship could simply spiral out of control. At times like this, we end up feeling completely helpless and desperately look around for a helping hand to balance out life for us. Little do we realize that a little balance in our immediate environment and surroundings could work wonders for our lives if we only learn to trust the elements. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placing and arranging the space and objects around us to achieve perfect harmony with the environment. A literal translation of Feng Shui means Wind – Water and is a definite indication about the role that the elements play in Feng Shui.

The basic components of Feng Shui that help an individual balance his life are the perfect combination of space, astronomy, weather and geomagnetism. As both an art and a science, Feng Shui is in harmony with the architectural patterns that is used for construction of every house, office and any other structure. Unlike the concept of Vaastu Shashtra where the entire structure may need to demolished and rebuilt to suit the requirements, Feng Shui provides more of rectifying solutions that can be accommodated within the current existing structures. Some have also associated Feng Shui with being a metaphysical art.
Feng Shui has a definite impact on the health, wealth and personal relationships of every individual.

Each direction takes on a special implication under the execution of the Feng shui principles. The directions include North, South, East, West and also the further divisions of North East, South East, North West and South West. Every direction has been a special significance with relation to certain aspects of our lives and accordingly the colors are allotted to the directions. The north is associated with the water element and the colors of this direction under Feng shui are blue and black. The south represents fire and the main colors are red and yellow. The east is symbolic of earth while the west rules over wind. The colors for east would be brown and green while the west consists of white and metallic shades. Feng shui advises the placement of the correct colored object in its right direction to achieve the perfect harmony and balance.

Feng Shui also assigns particular materials to the four directions and it is advisable to place the objects around your space according to this division. Nowadays, magnetic compasses are easily available in the market that helps the individual to determine the correct directions of every house or office premises. A little care and alertness in ensuring the peace and harmony in our immediate environment can actually tip the scale in our favor and get things working favorably for us. The harmony amongst the elements around us helps to bring that effect into all aspects of our lives, helping us manage our health, wealth and personal relationships in an ideal manner.

Feng Shui wealth: invite fortune to your home

Often we get so caught up with our life and work that we become increasingly frustrated and stressed out. What we do not realize that there are small things by implementing which we can actually make a whole lot of difference to the way we go about doing things in our life. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of placing and arranging things in an order that helps in achieving harmony with the environment. Feng shui wealth suggests placement of certain things in a way and manner so that this creates harmony and gives monetary benefit to the person. According to Feng shui there are different elements that govern the influences of wealth, love, happiness, prosperity and other things in life. For feng shui wealth southeast is the direction and the element that governs this is wood.

So if you feel that you are not doing too well on the monetary front, it may be that you need to place things in your office or house according to the feng shui wealth beliefs. There are several things that you will have to do for practicing feng shui and realizing its benefits. One of the first things that you must do for this is begin with a space clearing procedure of your house and office. After that gradually you can go about implementing other things which will prove to be beneficial to you according to feng shui. According to feng shui the southeast corner of your house or office must be kept very clean and in proper order. The lighting of that place must neither be too bright or too dark; it must be just perfect to light up the place properly.

According to feng shui it is also suggested that you keep the place lighted throughout the day or as long as this is possible. You can also put up an aquarium that is well maintained in your work place or your house if you are working from there. Water enhances wood and you must choose bright and energetic fishes to stimulate positive energy from them and if you have nine fishes in the aquarium it is considered as an auspicious number according to feng shui. You have to be very careful while you are choosing the directions to place these things and also the elements of which these are made as this can have a major influence in the wealth that you earn and accumulate.

Chinese coins tied with red ribbons are considered to be auspicious for bringing in wealth according to feng shui. You can place the coins in the place where it is in constant touch with your money. The wallet or purse where you keep your money could perhaps be the best place to put these coins. You can display symbols of prosperity like Chinese coins and a Hotei Buddha sitting on a pile of gold coins can be beneficial according to feng shui. A pair of male and female Foo dogs placed just outside the entrance of your business establishment will help to bring in wealth for you according to feng shui beliefs.

Feng Shui career tips can give you that much needed boost

Who doesn’t need a little extra luck on their side and if Feng Shui can be the key that unlocks the door to success, most of us would like to grasp this kind of opportunity. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice that involves the balancing of the four elements with our surroundings to achieve peace and harmony in the various aspects of our lives. Specific tips for Feng Shui have been mentioned that have been calculated to positively affect the major areas of our lives that are related to health, wealth and personal relationships. It is believed that feng Shui can alter the imbalances in one’s life through re-arranging and readjusting the space and objects around us and our home and office area. It is no wonder therefore that Feng Shui career tips form a major aspect of the art of using Feng Shui.

According to Feng Shui the north relates to an individual’s career and it is also the direction of the water element. Many potent feng shui career solutions therefore look at activating this corner of an individual’s home or office space. A turtle is considered one of the most powerful symbols of good luck under the study of Feng Shui. Feng Shui career activating tip recommends that a terrapin turtle be placed in an aquarium in the northern corner of the house or office. The turtle is also considered as a protector and symbol of good luck and the happier and more active your turtle is the more your career luck will be activated. However other considerations need to be kept in mind while placing any water body in your space and therefore Feng Shui also considers the general layout of the house and your personal kua number before suggesting any Feng Shui career tips.

Feng Shui career tips also recommend the use of wind chimes in the different directions depending on your need. A person who is running his own business will benefit from a metal wind chime in the western direction while an eight rod metal wind chime in the southeast can represent wealth for your home and work place. The material of the wind chime and the number of rods that is used is also need and requirement specific and the direction should also be chosen with great care. Feng Shui career tips or even other aspects of implementing Feng Shui for any area of our lives should be carefully studied and only then applied to our lives. It is best to seek the advice and counsel of a professional who is acquainted with the principles and rules of applying Feng Shui.

It is a practice where each direction, color, shape and individual’s personal number plays a crucial role in deciding the apt course of action. Hence a novice might go wrong while trying to implement Feng Shui career tips or any other Feng Shui advice. Approach a Feng shui expert to guide you with the right kind of Feng Shui career guidance and simply watch your career and luck take off with a bang. At the end of the day it is your believe in yourself and your environments that matters the most and has the power to change your life for the better.

Astrology career guidance can make all the difference to your life

It is all in the stars, and destiny as we know it can either make or break a life. Every human being at some point or the other has felt himself or herself under the complete power of destiny and unable to do much to change the fate. Luck as we know always plays a crucial role in the daily events of our lives. So we try different ways and means to make Lady Luck smile in our direction. Astrology is one such science that helps an individual deal with his life in a much steadier and confident manner. Our financial security is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives and astrology career consultancy can help to guide us in our endeavor to discover the right career path for us and our loved ones.

Astrology career guidance is concerned with the aspect of planets on the career choices that we make in life and the results therein. Certain placements of planets are supposed to give an individual the excellence to shine in a particular line of work while others spell doom for an individual if he decides to follow a particular kind of career. Astrology career analysis therefore helps us to gain an in-depth understanding of the placement of our planets in our natal chart which is also known as the horoscope and take career decisions accordingly. Forewarning about the possible changes in our career can be easily predicted through astrology career analysis and this in turn gives us a stronger feeling of being more in control of our lives.

Astrology career gives importance to a person’s birth chart and placement of planets therein and also attaches due importance to the angles formed by the planets in relation to each other. Under the Hindu system of astrology the planets which are studied for their effects on our lives include not only the seven known astral bodies such as the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Mercury but also the shadowy planets of Rahu and Ketu. The addition of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune has further extended the study of planets under astrology. Each of these heavenly bodies is known to have specific influences on a person’s life and accordingly they also affect the career choices and growth. If properly calculated by experienced astrologers, uncanny and accurate predictions can be made regarding any aspect of an individual’s life.

Feng Shui health tips can change the way you lead your life

Health is wealth believes many and as we go through life the truth of this saying hits us with great force from time to time. Each time we fall ill or any of our loved ones are sick we feel that the only thing which matters is good health. We know that a little care towards the kind of life we lead will enable us to be healthy and happy individuals but often our busy schedules do not allow us much time for ourselves. As a result health problems have become a common occurrence in every home. Besides negligence on our part, we may fall ill due to certain factors beyond our control like too much imbalance, stress and negativity in our immediate surroundings. Feng shui health tips can help us understand the inexplicable causes that may relate to our health problems.

According to Feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of balancing the elements to achieve peace and harmony in our lives, health problems occur when our environment is disturbed and we do not realize the imbalance and negativity that we are inviting into our lives consciously or unintentionally. Feng shui health tips can therefore effectively help us in eliminating the negativity in our surrounding space and enhance the positive effects of the four elements like earth, water, air and fire. Feng Shui health tips and rules may often help us understand as to why we tend to fall sick at when we shift to a particular house or change offices or simply when we change the arrangement of furniture and décor of a particular room in our living space.

Feng Shui health tips give great importance to the way we sleep as that is the time when our body is most receptive to energies from our environment. Feng Shui health principles strongly advice against the use and storage of any electronic items in the bedroom as they are known to emit harmful and negative rays that adversely affect the individuals using that room. Also mirrors in the bedroom are best avoided under the Feng shui health tips. This can be explained with the logic that bedroom should be an area of rest and relaxation whereas mirrors are reflectors that will bounce of energies and create too much of energy movement within the room. Hence a bedroom should be devoid of any material that can act as reflectors.

Feng Shui health also recommends that the lighting should be sufficient but never harsh and the colors used on the bedroom walls should be soothing rather than garish. An individual’s personal number which is known as the kua number helps a Feng Shui consultant is calculating the relevant direction for one’s health. If a person can sleep with his head placed in the right direction and eat his meals facing his health direction it will be tremendously beneficial for the individual’s health. Various Feng shui health objects are also easily available in the market like the energy balls, the three immortals, special pebbles and even the lead crystal sphere besides others. If the objects are correctly placed and principles of Feng Shui health are properly implemented, one can be blessed with a healthy, wealthy and long life.

Astrology sign compatibility helps you deal better with people

The stars have always been associated with destiny and that in itself makes them very intriguing to the human kind. Most of us would like to believe the fascinating concept of stars and planets controlling our destiny and luck. It is easy to blame it on our stars if things do not work out according to our plans and at the same time we hope that luck will smile at us if our stars are favorable. The study of astrology deals with the analysis of the effect of stars and planets in every aspect of our lives. Compatibility with others around us forms an important aspect of everyone’s life and thus astrology sign compatibility with the people who matter is crucial to a harmonious existence.

All of us have our sun signs assigned to us from the time of birth based on the month in which we are born. The twelve months are governed by twelve astrological signs which are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The months start with April and ends in March. Each sign has some general traits that the people under that sign have in common. Also the astrology sign compatibility depends upon these very characteristics and this determines the fact that whether we will get along with someone or be repelled by them. It is important to consider astrology sign compatibility when it comes to important relationships like a love interest, spouse, children, business partnerships or even the relationships with family and friends.

You may have noticed that you tend to get along well with some people of a particular zodiac sign while other signs are difficult to get along with. A basic knowledge of astrology sign compatibility will help you better understand this concept of human interaction and relationships. Nowadays the importance of astrology can be seen all around us and every mainline daily is bound to carry some general predictions for every zodiac. Most people happen to glance at the prediction for their astrology sign and subconsciously prepare themselves for the day ahead on the basis of these predictions. The addition of other methods of divination such as tarot, numerology, runes, i-ching and so on has further added to the interest in astrology sign. Astrology, which had been around for thousands of years and had been lost due to a number of misconceptions and superstitions, is now again making a prominent emergence and comeback.

Astrology sign compatibility plays a crucial role in times of match making or forging friendships and business partnerships. It is best to proceed in a relationship knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the other person and an astrology sign compatibility may just be able to tell you this crucial detail. An individual should however always seek the counsel of an experienced and authentic astrology who is well trained in the study and practice of astrology. If correctly implemented, astrology and other branches within this subject like astrology sign compatibility can bring about significant changes in your life and the life of your loved ones.

Astrology and numerology can change the course of your life

The mystical game played out between the numbers, alphabets, stars and planets have a magical influence in our lives, without most of us realizing its complete impact. Some of us, however, are tuned in to this cosmic game and realize the changes in our lives that take place accordingly. The study of astrology and numerology and its awareness among people, has helped to give us a better inkling about the effects of various numbers and planets in our lives. According to the study of these ancient subjects every living and inanimate object is ruled by a particular planet and the planets have been assigned specific numbers as well. According to a person’s birth date, he or she also falls under the influence of these planets and numbers.

Astrology and numerology has been in use for thousands of years by different civilizations before falling prey to superstitious beliefs and practices. However, once again this ancient art is making its mergence and people are becoming aware of their true potential as a tool for guiding one’s life. Both astrology and numerology have many distinct branches which require a varied set of skills and knowledge. It is the marriage of the various branches and streams of astrology and numerology that come together to create a blueprint for an individual’s life. The roadmap thus created can help a person choose his path accordingly and achieve success or prevent failure as and when possible. It helps human beings in being forewarned and prepared rather than feeling sorry due to lack of information about the future course of life.

The planets and astronomical bodies such as the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars and even the shadowy planets of Rahu and Ketu which are known as the dragon’s head and tail, play a major role in influencing the events in everyone’s lives. The planets of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune have also been included in the studies in the recent times. The numbers 1 to 9 are assigned to each of these planets and even zero is supposedly ruled by Pluto. The alphabets also have numerical values attached and with this assumption a person’s name can add up to a particular number under the study of astrology and numerology. Some numbers and planets are considered favorable for a person while others may denote harmful effects on the individual. Many people therefore opt to change the spelling of their names or perhaps even their names to make it astrology and numerology friendly.

As astrology and numerology gains recognition and importance, many self proclaimed experts have started to open shops to sell this knowledge to the gullible public. It is therefore crucial that you consult only an expert who has proved his knowledge in multiple ways. A little background research about the credentials would not hurt either. As a beginner, you may also want to try out some websites that offer free readings and interpretations regarding astrology and numerology to ignite and satisfy your curiosity. If properly used, there is no doubt that this ancient study of planets and numbers could transform your life for the better within a very short duration.

Choose the right partner with love astrology

Love is blind or so they would like us to believe and only later do we actually come to know the person that we have fallen in love with. At times this love grows with the passage of time while an unfortunate turn of events can cause us to despise the person with whom we had initially fallen in love with. At many times it is too late before we realize our mistake and in the process we lose important years of our lives trying to make things work with an unsuitable partner. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some guideline or way of knowing whether a person is right for us or not. The closest that we can get to this kind of guideline is through the study and approach of love astrology.

Astrology has many branches that delve into the various aspects of an individual’s life be it birth, education, marriage, career and even death. Our personal relationship with others is one of the most important aspects that we can comprehend with the help of love astrology. Our birth charts are prepared on the basis of our time of birth, place of birth and date of birth. Other factors are calculated on the basis of this information and astrology helps to prepare a snap shot of the heavens at the time when we were born. The position of stars and planets is recreated on a chart to represent the exact scenario when we took birth. The celestial bodies are then analyzed using the art of love astrology to determine our relationship with our partners.

Marriages are fixed in some countries on the basis of this comparison of individual charts to see if the temperaments, nature and character match according to the charts. A horoscope that matches has a better chance for the success of that marriage and thus is given much importance in a marriage alliance. People who are simply interested in the study of astrology and zodiac signs as a hobby also get attracted to love astrology. It gives them a basic guideline about the characteristics and traits of people belonging to the various zodiac signs. Once a person knows certain traits of his or her partner it gets easier to understand and react to certain behavior patterns and this is where love astrology scores in popularity over other branches.

Love astrology guidelines also make for light reading and entertainment. Compatibility analysis on the basis of the love signs and their traits are a time pass for many evenings while at the same time it gives an insight into the kind of person that we are interacting with. If a serious study of love astrology is conducted it may also help us in avoiding many common mistakes that we make while selecting our partners unknowingly. It may also help us avoid unpleasant situations by making us forewarned about character traits that are diametrically opposite to ours and may cause clash in the future. Hence a judicious study of love astrology may indeed help us to lead a better life by knowing and understanding our partners better.

Manipulate your future with astrology sign

We all are being of the earth and compositely we represent the universe. Of course, stars and planets of universe have an influence on our lives and emotions and this fact fortifies the core belief in authoritative movement of planets and stars. The occult science of observing stars and their effect on human nature, personality and other terrestrial matter is commonly known as astrology. Various traditions and applications are associated with astrology such as birth date, day time, month and positioning of starts at the time of birth. In order to predict the future and to prevent it from negative effects astrologers categorize people according to their astrology sign. Astrology sign define a particular category of people with almost same basic positioning of stars.

Astrology has become the most popular sciences in recent years. Whether it is love, family, home career, marriage, health or money, astrology signs can help people in finding the way for better living. To help you in various areas of life there are astrologers who can predict your future to some extent. They can also predict what you might do next as their prediction stems from the fact of pre determined personality and nature of an individual. No doubt that astrology has many ways to manifest the future but it does not mean that t ends the scope of making your own decisions; it just paves the right direction for accomplishment of your dreams. Movement of sun and moon are the core activity that every astrologer observes for predictions therefore on this basis there are two categories of astrology signs i.e. sun sign and zodiac sign. Both categories follow different patters as their ruling planet is different.

However, astrology sign is an obvious evaluation of events but it can affect our entire life. The position of planets and place where you were bon determines your emotional life thus it has an influence on your inner personality. For instance a person who is more influenced by moon will be more emotional on the contrary sun makes the person more realistic and balanced. Every fraction of a second leads a change in position of planets thus people experience various changes in their lives. The same is in the case of career and livelihood as what kind f career you will choose is related to your sun sign such as a Gemini with sun at career house might be a journalist, teacher or writer. You can be a successful businessman or manager when sun changes its place.

As astrology sign is a scientific art, it can answer all questions one may have in his mind regarding career, life, money and partner. Much can be determined about a person by knowing his or her astrology sign. Knowing your sun sign and your loved one’s sun sign can help you in developing more compatible relationship. Astrology is all about observation of stars and twelve signs that represent various groups of people with distinct nature and personality. Relying on your astrologer is good but one must remember that destiny is what stars decide and fortitude and karma are the power that can move stars in your favor.

Free astrology helps you get acquainted with the stars

A thin line separates the concept of superstitions and beliefs and they often interchange their roles along with the change in countries and cultures. Black maybe the color of mourning in one culture while white is associated with grief in other societies. An individual tends to grow up with these traditional beliefs and carries them in his heart for as long as he lives. The ancient study of astrology has also fallen under the shadow of superstition and has submerged and emerged many times over. Once again it is making a comeback with aplomb and we can see a rising trend that merges western and eastern principles of astrology. It is also seen that even a non-believer cannot escape the lure of free astrology and we find proof of it in newspapers, magazines and now predominantly in websites.

Free astrology predictions form a regular feature of most newspapers and magazines and many online sites are devoted to this study of stars and planets or at least feature a special segment that deals with this branch of study. Regular readers make it a point to get a free astrology reading for their zodiac signs or their numerological birth number to have an idea as to how their day or week will progress. Special columns have a feature by experts who have versatile knowledge about these mystic studies and readers queries are solved by such experts offering advice through free astrology. Television shows have also made the concept of astrology popular among the masses although often we find imposters giving out wrong information to the gullible public.

Free astrology attracts the curiosity of many people irrespective of their belief in this science. The concept that the distant celestial bodies have a direct control over the events, incidents and actions of people sounds intriguing and scary at the same time. The need to know about the future is strong in most of us and the interest generated this branch of study is also huge among the masses. Free astrology tips and guidelines offered in many websites can therefore act as a starting point to whet a person’s appetite for this form of divination. It also satisfies intellectual curiosity of the non-believer by answering many queries through logical and mathematical explanation. However, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and hence one should exercise control while using the information easily available in the name of free astrology.

Any tool can become a boon or a curse depending on the hand which uses the tool. Astrology is no exception to the rule as imposters can trick innocent people through misconceptions about astrology. Yet true scholars can enable a person to lead a more enriched life through the superior guidance provided by this ancient art. It is upto the individual to determine his path of choice and follow it accordingly. In this journey into the deep realms of astrology, a little information under the free astrology section can serve to be a starting point for every individual with any interest in this study – using this information judiciously is the name of the game.