27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Home vaastu invites peace and prosperity into your lives

Our home is our haven and we want nothing to go wrong when we construct our abode. We would like to ensure that every brick which goes into building the home should be in proper place and nothing destroys the look and feel of our house. In our quest for the very best we leave no stones unturned and therefore it is no wonder that we often resort to the ancient Hindu principle of home vaastu for the architecture and construction purposes. Most of the houses that are constructed in India and other nations have been built on these principles of architecture. The principles have assigned specific directions for the construction of every room in a house or office and also have specific directions for placement of objects and materials.

Home vaastu defines particular directions that prove to be auspicious for the construction of particular rooms. One of the most important locations in any house is the kitchen where the source of nourishment for the entire family is prepared. The kitchen according to the architectural principles of home vaastu should be built in the south east direction as this direction has been assigned to the Hindu God of fire. If there is a constraint in creating the kitchen in this direction then alternatively the north western area could be considered for this purpose. Wealth and finances form another crucial aspect of our lives and in our homes it should be stored in the northern direction according to home vaastu principles. Jewelry and precious belongings should be kept facing the south as according to principles of home vaastu this helps in wealth enhancement.

Placement of the bedroom could change the nature of relationship among the residents of the house. A bedroom should ideally be situated in the southern part of the home according to home vaastu. The construction of the bedroom in the north could create unrest in the family life leading to disharmony among the family members. It is also mentioned in the vaastu principles that it is an ill omen to sleep with one’s feet towards the south and consuming meals in the bedroom should be strictly avoided. Contrary to popular belief, idols should not be placed in the bedroom as well. Food should be consumed in the dining room only which should be constructed towards the western part of the home.

Home vaastu has similarly laid down principles for every aspect of home construction starting from planning the architecture till the time of actual construction of the home. Specific considerations have been made even for selection of the land, the measurements for the rooms, the entrance structure, and the overall layout of the house and so on so forth. If proper attention is paid to home vaastu while constructing every residential place, the people residing in it have a lot to gain from such a home. The positive vibes of a properly constructed house has a lot to offer in terms of peace and prosperity to every inmate of the house

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